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I have been dealing with John Ryan for years and without a doubt, the most trustworthy man in the business.
JK, Jacksonville, FL

When Hunt Valley Sports says, no hype-just winners, they really mean it. Keep it up.
A.D. Los Angeles, CA

I'm so happy that I found you. With all the cappers out there claiming this and that- you guys are certainly one of a kind. Don't change.
R.M. Doylestown, PA.

Why Are We Different?
At Hunt Valley Sports, we have a very unique and detailed approach of producing winners that really separates us from everyone us in the industry. While most handicappers crunch numbers, follow meaningless stats and trends, and go with hunches-We don't.

Hunt Valley Sports prides itself on being a true advisory board that incorporates numerous experts that are all seeking one goal. Yes to win, but also win at such a rate that we tower over the competition.

We win at such a high rate because we not only have a major advantage over the wagering public and in anything that you invest in, stocks, commodities or sports wagering, when you have a edge, you will be extremely successful. But we also have many great football minds and experts in each sport that we handle that allows us to use this approach-personell that have been involved in the game forever and know how to dissect a matchup.

Now our advantage is because our advisory board, our staff are truly the most informed. They are receiving the information that the wagering public isn't privy to. Not just hidden injuries and a change in schemes, but information that our staff knows will make a difference on the field or court. Information that allows us to clearly see advantages in matchups within the game. That's what its all about. Being in the know and having that advantage in understanding you have the right side of a matchup before it starts.

But we go so many steps further then that. At Hunt Valley Sports, we take great pride in the way we handle a clients portfolio. We believe that yes, with the proper information we will and do produce in the mid to upper sixty percentile. But percentage isn't the bottom line. Its only half the battle. The other half is proper money management. We believe that there are games that are created to be stronger then others and we do take advantage of that. Our financial experts along with our staff decide just how much you should invest on each selection to make sure that the upper sixty percent turns into so much more.

We also believe that it is impossible to know if we have a huge game a full week, or weeks before we release it as like we explained in the " Who is Hunt Valley Sports" section. We are not a marketing firm that cares about how many clients and locks of the years they have. We care about how much profit we make our clients who trust us to work for them. So you won't find Lock of the Year mailings sent to you that are printed weeks in advance. You won't see us turning off online access and asking you to purchase something else when you do call. At Hunt Valley Sports- you'll find a different approach and also a different bottom line that you have grown accustomed to with the marketing firms in the field.

Now, we will have large releases and more then our fair share of big games. And they will be released to you only when the situation arises and we certainly will make them count.

Also our selections are available in several different ways. Through our toll free number 1-888-946-4424, online at, by text or email. Selections are also available very early to make sure that our clients have ample time to get the best lines.

Hunt Valley Sports is the only firm that isn't afraid to post it's Presidential selections in all sports the very next day. We do this to make sure that our clients, and our future clients see how much money they are making and for those of you not enrolled, so you can see our results as well. Ask yourself, does your current or past firm do that?

If you have any questions regarding our Presidential selections, our money management system, our documented results or you wish to enroll, please email us at or call 1-888-946-4424.
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