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I have been dealing with John Ryan for years and without a doubt, the most trustworthy man in the business.
JK, Jacksonville, FL

When Hunt Valley Sports says, no hype-just winners, they really mean it. Keep it up.
A.D. Los Angeles, CA

I'm so happy that I found you. With all the cappers out there claiming this and that- you guys are certainly one of a kind. Don't change.
R.M. Doylestown, PA.

Who is Hunt Valley Sports?
Hunt Valley Sports is a privately owned sports investment firm that specializes in winning at a rate that is unforeseen in the industry. Located in Maryland horse country, Hunt Valley Sports not only wins more then its competitors, but also offers its clientele such a rewarding experience, that it has the highest rate of returning clients. Hunt Valley Sports has provided its members with access to the most accurate selections in the industry in Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Horse Racing as well as the minor sports.

At Hunt Valley Sports we have taken a unique approach to reaching our goals. Not only at winning at such a high rate and maximizing your ROI, but by putting our elite clientele first. While most so called sports consultants send out numerous forms of literature, free gifts that cost you in the end and other various forms of false solicitations, we don't. Instead of investing our money in marketing, Hunt Valley Sports invests it in winning. We don't believe that our clients and future clients like getting 5 pieces of mail a week, numerous emails and phone calls claiming the riches of the world and in the end, have a disastrous season. We believe that by producing a superior product, with the attention that a client deserves, the rest will fall in place. That's what Hunt Valley Sports is all about. Winners, without the hype.

So if you want to get a sales pitch every time you call, get bombarded with false advertisements about Locks of the Years every weekend and wind up losing in the end, Hunt Valley Sports is not for you.

But if you are looking for a sports investment firm that has the contacts, a plethora of resources and more importantly the will to not only win, but to win at such a high percentage, then Hunt Valley Sports is what you are looking for. And we promise that you will not be disappointed in your experience.

Feel free to sign up for our free selections and don't miss the Ryan Report-the best sports handicapping newsletter in the world emailed each week. So check it out.

Also check out our past results for each sport. We are pretty sure that we are the only firm that posts its selections, win or lose the next day, for everyone to see. Ask yourself why does Hunt Valley Sports do that?

Make sure to click on Why is Hunt Valley Sports different to really get a feel of how and why we win. If you have any questions, just call us toll free at 1-888-946-4424 or email us
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