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I have been dealing with John Ryan for years and without a doubt, the most trustworthy man in the business.
JK, Jacksonville, FL

When Hunt Valley Sports says, no hype-just winners, they really mean it. Keep it up.
A.D. Los Angeles, CA

I'm so happy that I found you. With all the cappers out there claiming this and that- you guys are certainly one of a kind. Don't change.
R.M. Doylestown, PA.

Welcome to Hunt Valley Sports
Normal office hours Weekdays, 10-7pm, EST.
Saturdays:8-12pm, EST, Sundays:8-1pm, EST
   Presidential Basketball's 2023 December Guarantee
      Our best Basketball selections everyday in Dec
                  We have averaged winning 74.9
            net units in December the last 12 years
          Here comes another 100+ net unit month!
             Now Only $699 (Includes guarantee) 

    Presidential Basketball Won 4 of the last 6 Weeks
      Here comes the usual early season mega run!
         We are rolling this week, 6-2 and counting!

               Presidential Basketball's December
                    Parlay of the Month Weekend
 Goes Today-Sun, 8 huge plays (5 Today/3 Sunday)
               Includes Today's December College
              Parlay of the Month (Two 10's w/par)
                  Only $199 (Includes Guarantee)

         Presidential Football's 2nd Half Guarantee
               Our best College and NFL selections
                 everyday through the Super Bowl
    We will win 150+ net units in the next 2 months
       Now Only $899 (Includes a huge guarantee)

                     NFL Triple Crown Weekend
                Goes Today-Monday, 7 selections
              Includes Sunday's NFL Triple Crown
         (Three 12 unit selections w/round robin par)
      Plus Army/Navy Sat, Huge Monday night game
                                 Only $199

        Presidential Football Won Again Last Week!
                       Won almost 20 net units!
        Rolled Sunday going 3-1, Top two plays won
     San Fran and LA Rams, also won on Green Bay
        Pro's continue to dominate 5-1 on the week!
        College splits on Sat,2-2, Troy top play won
   Presidential Football won 11 of the last 16 weeks

Presidential Football Won Again Four Weeks Ago!
      NFL Goes 2-1-1 Sunday, Top Play Pittsburgh
                     College Goes 3-3 Saturday
Top play rolls w/S.Jose State -2.5 ov Fresno St 42-18
 Tough back door losses on Oregon and S.Alabama
                  We went 3-0-1 during the week!

      Presidential Football Rolls Five Sunday's Ago!
                 Goes 3-1 winning over 25 net units
                NFL Blowout Game of the Year Won
              20 units Cincinnati -2 ov Buffalo 24-18
                     College Goes 5-3 Thurs-Sat

              Presidential Football Has No Equal!
  Won big again six weeks ago! Won almost 25 units
      Won 4 straight weeks and won 9 of the last 11
               College Goes 5-2 Friday/Saturday
 Winners on FAU, Ariz, Texas, W.VA and Boise State
Pro's Go 3-1-1 Sunday/Monday, Top play Won Again
           Over 43.5 Cincinnati/San Francisco 31-17

  Presidential Football Won Again Seven Weeks Ago!
                  NFL Parlay swept on Sunday
  Phili -3 ov Miami 31-17, Seattle -8.5 ov Ariz 20-10
            Refs steal Pitt from us on Saturday
   Monday night sweeps with Minn and the Under!

    Pres' Football Sweeps Eight Sunday's Ago, 4-0!
                    Wins again for the week!! 
      Won 15 units Cincinnati -3 ov Seattle 17-13
     Won 7 units Baltimore -5 ov Tennessee 24-16
    Won 6 units NY Jets +7 ov Philadelphia 20-14
        Won 6 units Miami -14 ov Carolina 42-21
         Plus we also swept last Weds, Thurs, Fri
    and swept Monday,Tuesday, Weds and Thurs

  Presidential Football Won Again Nine Weeks Ago!
      20 unit NFL Whiteout Game of the Year Won
                San Francisco -3.5 ov Dallas 42-10

   Presidential Football Won Again 11 Weeks Ago
 Sweeps Sun! Goes 4-0 and wins almost 45 net units!
              Early NFL Game of the Year Romps!
                  Won Miami -6 ov Denver 70-20
            Won Cleveland -3.5 ov Tennessee 27-3
          Won Over 48 Chicago/Kansas City 10-41
               Won Seattle -4.5 ov Carolina 37-27
             We also swept Thursday and Friday!

   Early College Football Game of the Year Won!
                 Rutgers -6.5 ov VA Tech 35-16!

 Presidential Football Rolled Again 12 Weeks Ago
                     Goes 9-4 Thursday-Monday!
 College Football Parlay of the Year Split Saturday
            Georgia Southern Won, Pittsburgh Lost
             Also won on Miami-Fla and California
    Won Thursday and Friday on Detroit and Kansas
             NFL Game of the Month Won Sunday
            Jacksonville -4.5 ov Indianapolis 31-21
       Presidential Football goes 4-1 Sunday/Monday

   Presidential Football Won Again 13 Weeks Ago!
                       2023 Triple Crown Won
   Goes 2-1 with winners on Washington and Va Tech,
      Temple fails to cover! Also won with California
      Won Thursday w/U.Conn, Friday w/Miami-Fla, 
                      and won Monday w/Duke

              Hockey Wins 7 of the first 11 weeks!
            We have owned the ice in 4 of the last
               5 years and in 10 of the last 12 years
  Here comes another 350+ net unit Hockey season

    Presidential Basketball-The Best In The Nation!
   We have owned hoops in 11 of the last 12 years
               Numerous 300 net units seasons
               and won 400 net units in a season!
 We will destroy every documented record this year!


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